Today got off to a rocky start when the wheel bearings on my bike collapsed. I very much enjoyed researching about Blake Andrews. He has some great work and shoots prolifically.
I tried quite a few new things today, one of which was multiple exposure mode on the Ricoh GRIII. I’m guessing that not many people use it but they should!

Blake Andrews (29 December 1968) is an American street photographer and blogger based in Eugene, Oregon. Andrews was a member of the In-Public Street Photography collective.

Andrews was born in Berkeley and grew up in Briceland, California. He began photography in 1993, a year after moving to Portland. In 2004, he joined the Portland Grid Project, in which a number of photographers have continued to photograph Portland, square mile by square mile. After moving from Portland to Eugene in 2006, he worked in the similar Eugene Grid Project.

Andrews became a member of the In-Public street photography collective in 2006, and is also a member of Portland-based collective Light Leak.

Andrews mostly works in black and white. His “finely tuned black-and-white photographs” are “so subtle that you need to double-check that you haven’t missed something. This is a rare quality. They are a quiet homage to the weird, and often feature children… . His style is both subtle and original.”

Andrews’ blog B is “widely popular” and “one of the most respected in the photographic community”. Andrews has been writing it since 2007. Pete Brook said in 2010 that “Andrews’ sideways and irreverent commentaries are refreshing in the photoblog zeitgeist.”

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