Sometimes it’s better to go out with a plan for your photography. This is true if you have a specific style in mind or if you have limited time.

The Shoot

I was looking for high contrast scenes in densely, built-up city locations. It’s important to know where and when the sun will be.

The Apps

Sun Seeker Pro
Sun Seeker

I have a few apps that tell me the position of the sun, but I find Sun Seeker Pro to be the easiest to use.
Find the location that you want to shoot, then line up the sun and it will tell you the time that will work for you. Depending on your location, and time of day, this can be a short window of opportunity.

The Result

I managed to get a few keepers, but I was not over the moon with any of them. That’s not the fault of the app, or my gear, it’s me!