Ian Jukes

About Me

How do people do this? I always find it hard to write about myself in an exciting way.

Let’s start with the facts.

I’m an Englishman living and working in Taiwan. Like many foreigners living here, I work as a teacher, although I have had a wide variety of jobs in the past. I spent a large proportion of my life working in the printing industry, both as a printer and later, a print engineer. More recently, I returned to education, completing a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication – Photography. While doing the course, I was trying, and mostly failing to be a freelance photographer.

I visited Taiwan for the first time in 2016, thanks to an exchange program at university. I extended the stay for three months and ended up working on a photographic project on the Matsu Islands. I met many friendly people during that first visit, and I decided to return the following year to complete my final major project. During this period, I was offered work in Taiwan and upon graduation, I decided to up sticks, and move to live in Taiwan.

Why this website?

That’s a very good question, I’m glad you asked! I have had this domain for almost ten years and didn’t do much with it. My initial intention was to use it purely as a photography site. I naively thought that having a website would bring in customers for my photography business. I learned the hard way that being a professional photographer is very, very difficult. Being able to take great photographs is not even a requirement. You need business, marketing, and networking skills first. I lacked all of these and still do largely.

OK, so why this website?

This website is probably as much for me as it is for you, I hope you find some of the content entertaining and maybe even useful. If you do, then stick around for the ride, if you don’t, then no hard feelings.

A lot of it is photography biased, but not all. This website is about life, the way I see it, and the way I handle it. I’m not using it to replace my income so I don’t want to stick ads everywhere. There may be some affiliate links to products or services that I truly find useful. That’s if I learn how to add them and remember to do so.

Oh, this starts now! the summer of 2020. What happened in the past is history. Here’s a great quote to end this with:

The past has no power over the present moment.” 
– Eckhart Tolle –