Dreams and goals what is the difference?

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If I know about anything at all, then it’s the art of procrastination. I know that I should do something but ultimately, I end up doing very little. Despite reading many books on the subject, I still achieve very little and this is very sad as I know I could do so much!

Every morning I wake up with the “Wow, it’s a new day! Let’s go and do something!” feeling but that never seems to translate into actually doing much.

I’m currently listening to the audiobook, “Stick with It – The Science of Lasting Behaviour” by Dr Sean Young. Here’s the link: Stick With It

It’s an interesting book about completing things, seeing it through. Something I have struggled with my whole life. I have grand ideas that never amount to much. Are these ideas dreams or goals? Whatever they are, they are not working for me.

So what is the difference? Are dreams something that I can never hope to achieve? Or are they just really big goals? I know that the only way to complete a goal is to break it down into baby steps, and tackle them one by one.

If anyone out there actually bothers to read this, then I would value your opinion, what do you think?

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